Municipal Maps $10 ratepayer, $15 non-ratepayer  (to have a map mailed to you, please contact Prairie Mapping directly at 306-647-2350 or prairiemapping@sasktel.net)

2017 Saskatchewan Grid Road Map  $3

Well Key (access to all municipal wells)  $100/year, invoiced annually

Custom Work Rates:

Cat 140 Graders Ratepayers $154/hr  Non-ratepayers $220/hr
Cat 430E Backhoe Loader $137.50/hr
TS-14’s $247.50/hr
Grading & Snow Plowing Lanes $75/trip
Tractor & Rock Picker $137.50/hr
Tractor & Rotary Mower $137.50/hr (no sloughs)


Driveway Maintenance Policy:

  • $75 per trip for driveways and $154/hour for yard clearing, minimum charge of a half hour.
  • If requested, 1 free driveway cut per year with the mowers.


Rat Poison:  Supplied free to landowners and residents for application within the RM.

Viscount & District History Book 1905-1985 “Footprints of Time” $55

Viscount & District History Book 1985-2005 “Footprints of Time Volume 2”  $80