Fire Fighting Services

Fire Services for the RM of Viscount #341 are provided by the Viscount & District Fire Association. The Viscount Volunteer Firefighters also provide the service to a portion of the RM of Wolverine #340, the Village of Viscount, and the community of Plunkett.

While it is the responsibility of the RM to provide Fire Protection Services, the property owner is responsible for fire-fighting costs. The property owner will be invoiced by the RM in the event of a fire.

Property owners should ensure they are carry adequate Fire Fighting Insurance as fire-fighting expenses can be quite costly.

Bylaw #2023-02 authorizes firefighting charges and sets the fees, which are currently $900/hr plus $20/hr/firefighter + cost of supplies.  Minimum callout charge is $1036.00

Controlled Burn Services

The phone number to report all controlled burns (grass, stubble, etc.) is 1-866-404-4911. Please phone prior to starting the burn. You will need to provide your name, phone number, land location, what you will be burning and the approximate length of time of the burn.

If a controlled burn is not reports and is responded to by the Fire Department, the landowner or resident will be charged for the fire-fighting services.

If fire-fighting costs are not paid, they will be applied to the property taxes of the land location of the fire.